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Okami Gyuto 8 Inch Chef Knife

Get your Okami Gyuto Chefs Knife from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2Y82TDY

Sleek, stylish and strong. The Okami Gyuto Chefs Knife is the front runner for budget friendly Japanese Chef Knives - and it's available with Amazon 2-Day Shipping!

This is one of the Best Japanese Chef Knives for a high-quality, entry level knife that will give you years of precision cutting, without worrying about rusting or easily damaging the blade.

Okami is coming in strong to the budget Japanese Kitchen Knives with this beautiful knife, fusing traditional Japanese steel with the Western shape for a truly modern design. Sporting a thinner, harder blade than other knives made from heavy German steel, the lightweight Okami Gyuto Chefs Knife is razor sharp - and stays that way.

The ergonomically designed handle is made from beautiful wood-textured PakkaWood, providing a non-slip grip even when wet, that will reduce the risk of hand fatigue, wrist fatigue, and finger numbness that comes along with other brands of Japanese Kitchen Knives.

Now it must be mentioned - Okami knives are Chinese made - but don't let this deter you. They are made with the same love and care as traditional Japanese Chef Knives, and with the bonus of being a very affordable entry level blade for anyone interested in Japanese Cooking Knives.

Using strong and super light VG10 steel, the Okami Gyuto Chefs Knife is made to last, unlike many other brands who use poor quality steel and poor workmanship. This knife is made for comfort - and it delivers.

Ultimately, this is a budget friendly and entry level knife that is great for a professional who wants to move to using Japanese Chef Knives, or as an everyday blade for the Home Chef.

Get your Okami Gyuto Chefs Knife from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2Y82TDY

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