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Japanese Knives Reviews: Miyabi Kaizen 6/8 Inch Chefs Knife

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Get your Miyabi Kaizen 6/8 Inch Chefs Knife from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/346kPm2

If you have been searching for great all-round Japanese Chef Knives, made with quality and at a reasonable price, then look no further than the Miyabi Kaizen Chefs Knife.

It can take some getting used to when you switch to Japanese Chef Knives, and this beautiful blade is perfect as an introductory knife, and a great addition to any the set of anyone who loves Japanese Kitchen Knives.

Miyabi take their creation of knives very seriously - and you can tell that from the quality of the Kaizen collection, combining the best steel hardening technology with the elegance and grace of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

The steel of the Miyabi Kaizen Chefs Knife is based around the resilient super steel core of VG10 technology, and protected by the impressive 64 layer Damascus flower pattern. Utilizing innovative ice-hardening techniques, the CRYODUR blade delivers an exceptional edge, giving strength and lasting sharpness that will impress any Chef.

Balancing out the blade is the D-Shaped handle made from Black Linen Micarta. Giving a wood-like texture, this comfortable handle will sit perfectly in your hand. With the Micarta also being a moisture repellent, this is one of the Best Japanese Chef Knives for all day, every day use - You can easily get through a big prep session without fear of your knife becoming too dull, slipping out of your hand, or becoming too heavy to handle.

Coming in at a very lightweight 11.2 ounces (317 grams) this is up there with the lightest of Japanese Kitchen Knives, proving easy to hold and use for long periods of time without hand fatigue - something that other heavy knives just cannot offer.

As with any Japanese Chef Knives, maintenance and care are needed to get the most out of your blade. Even with the strength of the VG10 super steel it is easy to sharpen and care for the Miyabi Kaizen Chefs Knife. Careful sharpening and honing are easy to do and don't take a long time, and carefully washing your knife in warm soapy water will keep it in top condition for many years to come. I recommend the Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone with 1000/6000 grit for sharpening, and for everyday honing, you can't go past the Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel.

With two different sizes to choose from, 6 inches and 8 inches, the Miyabi Kaizen Chefs Knife really is a knife that all lovers of Japanese Chef Knives should have in their collection, whether a Professional Chef or a Home Cooking Hero.

Get your Miyabi Kaizen 6/8 Inch Chefs Knife from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/346kPm2

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